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224. RAF Neatishead portfolio Huge, mint nuclear bunker deep under Norfolk. The powers on, lets go take a look.... 223. Crib Farmhouse portfolio Small derpy farmhouse. Absolute tip, but some nice details.
222. Victoria Line - London portfolio Varies adventures along the Victoria Line under London. 221. Transport for London HQ. London portfolio Transport for London have just sold their HQ for development into luxury flats. So I thought this was the perfect time to go for a mooch, and check out the view from the roof.
220. Bletchley Park portfolio Britians most secretive site during WW2, home of the code breakers. UrbanX decides to visit the non-public areas of the site to see what personal records have been left behind... 219. Polska Cottage portfolio Flying visit to a small derpy cottage full of junk
218. RAF West Raynham portfolio 8 Years after being apprehended here I return to successfully document: Control Tower, Hangers, Gas Decontamination, Boiler houses, Admin blocks, & Dining rooms! 217. RAF Raynham Officers Mess portfolio Beautifully opulent Officers mess. Unfortunately I did slice my hand open on the way in...
216. RAF Wittering Bomb Store portfolio Once used to house the Blue Steel Nuclear Missiles. As we now keep most of our nukes on subs, I thought I'd have a wander round... 215. Victorian Farmhouse portfolio Large Victorian farmhouse, now abandoned and left to rot.
214. Rocket Man Mill portfolio This Grade 2 listed mill is 175 years old today, so I thought I'd pay it a birthday visit. 213. The Wacky Shack portfolio In all my years I've never been in such a flimsy building. I've only uploaded this because of how much it made me laugh!
212. Nuclear Launch Command portfolio One of a few surviving Nuclear launch units on the planet. This is where the end of the world could have came from... 211. Nuclear Decontamination Centre portfolio Hardened structure for the decontamination of persons affected by chemical, biological, or nuclear attack. Abandoned in 1994, although you wouldn’t think it, its virtually mint inside.
210. Jet Engine Test House portfolio Just a quickie. This is only a small building, so there aren’t many photo’s. But due to its significance I’ve decided to post it. 209. Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS) portfolio This is a Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS), which housed F-111’s fighters throughout the cold war, and the Gulf war.
208. Quick Reaction Unit portfolio To accommodate pilots and their engineers close to their aircraft. It was part of a ‘rapid response unit’ to guard us against the Ruskies during the cold war. 207. Nuclear Avionics Facility portfolio Hardened shelter for the testing and training of pilots in the art of dropping nuclear payloads.
206. Skalar Village - The Arctic portfolio UrbanX travels to The Arctic to visit an abandoned fishing village 205. Fallen Soldiers House portfolio A warm family home, full of family photos, sadly left to rot.
204. Railwaymans House portfolio A man obsessed with railways unexpectedly abandons his railway side house. 203. Scary Mary Cottage portfolio Deep in the fens, a small cottage awaits. Just don't bump into Mary...
202. Bishop of Elys Manor portfolio Old manorhouse, handed down through generations, now left to rot. 201. Cannabis Mansion portfolio £1m mansion raided as it was being used as a cannabis farm, now just left abandoned.
200. Clapham Deep Shelter portfolio Londons deepest tunnel hides a huge WW2 shelter for 8,000 people 199. Nuclear Weapons Storage portfolio I’ve been exploring areas like this for years now. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen an area as secure as this...
198. Charing Cross Tube portfolio I found a map that showed Charing Cross on the Jubilee Line. Except it's not on the Jubilee Line... There must be hidden platforms... 197. RAF Upwood - Zombie Shoot portfolio All the times I've taken the piss out of bands doing shoots in derps...Today was my turn!
196. Thames Steel portfolio Massive steelworks: This huge site closed three years ago and has just been silent since. 195. The President of Ukraine House portfolio (Former) President Victor Yanukovych fled his Palace in February following the EuroMaidan uprising. UrbanX took a plane straight over there to see if he could get in...
194. Carehome H portfolio Care home abandoned 20 years ago left to naturally decay. 193. Schola Monastery portfolio Beautiful monastery with the power still on!
192. Schola University portfolio This is the university side to the Schola Monastic Chapel. Mint condition, power on. 191. Chapel Yel Satis portfolio Whilst looking for another site, UrbanX discovers this Post Modern Gothic masterpiece!
190. Rooftopping Kortrijk portfolio UrbanX spots a building overlooking Kortrijks main attraction. So scales it to the roof with a bottle of fine wine. 189. Maison Viron portfolio Beautiful maison slowly rotting away in the woods.
188. Station B portfolio Derelict Train sidings, with an underground secret... 187. Sanatorium Menen portfolio Derelict, trashed hospital, but a cracking rooftop!
186. La Dentiste portfolio Derelict dentists practice within a Chateau. 185. The Royal Station portfolio Once upon a time the King had his own private railway station in the middle of the woods near his hunting lodge. Guess what... it's still there.
184. Aldwych Revisit portfolio I cant keep away! It's always a pleasure to stand on a tube platform alone, and in silence! I saw quite a few more bits including accessing the lift shafts themselves. 183. Manor O portfolio Immaculate abandoned manor house. The lights are on, but is anyone home?
182. St. P Morgue portfolio Trashed, but a morgue's a morgue! 181. RAF Daws Hill portfolio RAF / USAF Airbase, nearly mint condition after the last troops left.
180. Rooftopping Westminster - Nov 5th. portfolio I always had a romantic idea of skulking around Westminster on Guy Fawkes night before scaling a building to take in the fireworks... 179. Nuclear Bunker B - Revisit portfolio Following on from report 176. I take another visit to walk through the in depth history, and finer details of Bunker B.
178. Tolly Cobbold Brewery portfolio Beautiful 18th Century brewery shut its years over 20 years ago. Listed, but falling into disrepair. 177. Elm Row Cottages portfolio Deep in the wilds of Suffolk. Three listed farm workers cottages.
176. Nuclear Bunker B portfolio Beneath a shed in an unassuming field lies one of the countries largest Nuclear Bunkers! Come take a look with me! 175. Tunnels under the city portfolio One rainy night we discover an endless tunnel system beneath our city.
174. Nuclear Bunker S portfolio Built late 80's in the cold war, out of use in the mid 90's. Power still on... 173. Beech Manor portfolio Derelict Manor. Probably more inspiring outside than in!
172. Aldwych Station portfolio Disused London Underground Station 171. Rooftopping Hotel Slavutich - Kiev portfolio I saw some big blue letters on top of a 16 storey hotel. I wonder if I can climb up to them?
170. Crown Building Rooftopping - Kiev portfolio Pretending to be a pizza boy, then a 36 storey free climb up to the crown! 169. IrisHotel Rooftop - Kiev portfolio Under construction 31 Storey climb in the centre of Kiev.
168. Maidan Square - Kiev portfolio During the 2014 Ukraine conflict. 167. Monastery G portfolio Absolutely fresh Monastic complex. Abandoned so recently the power was still on!
166 Canon House portfolio With nearly 300 explores now under my belt, this was the best preserved place I've ever been to! I kept expecting the previous occupants to come back at any minute! 165. Kasteel Hogmeyer portfolio Beautiful old decaying shell of a 'Kasteel'
164. Prison 15H portfolio Not many times have people been known to try scaling walls to get INTO prison, but hey, I'm not everyone. 163. Dr. Pepitos portfolio Beautifully mint former doctors house / treatment centre. No signs of trashing at all.
162. Grande Moulin De Paris - Revisit portfolio A couple of years after my first visit and I was passing so thought it'd b e rude not to pop in! 161. Annas Orphanage portfolio Netherlands. Location of some controversial infant euthanasia's. visited during demolition.
160. Doktors House portfolio Previous Doctors residence, some bits trashed, some bits in good condition 159. KRT Tower Climb - London portfolio 31 Storey Tower Climb - Central London
158. TV House portfolio Formally "The Sewing House" but as all of the sewing machines have been stolen I've renamed it! 157. St. Peters Church portfolio A sweet little derelict church nestled in the British countryside.
156. Jeld Wen Factory portfolio Derelict Window, door and stair manufacturer 155. Cambridge Military Hospital portfolio Beautifully decayed military hospital, patrolled by vigilant Gurkha's.
154. Underground Reservoir portfolio A midnight foray into the world beneath our city 153. 2013 Round up portfolio What a crazy year it's been! UrbanX has travelled the globe - 7 trips abroad from scaling a 925ft skyscraper in East Asia, to midnight sun in the Arctic Circle.
152. Severalls Santa meet portfolio Over 30 explorers descending upon Severalls all dressed as Santa!
What could go wrong?
151. Guyhirn Chapel portfolio Small abandoned chapel in Cambridgeshire
150. Sanitorium Coffieur portfolio Freshly closed hospital. Absolutely mint. Playing cat and mouse with the security paid off. 149. Chateau Lumiere Revisit portfolio It's been 11 months since his last visit, so UrbanX takes the 1,100 mile journey to check on this mint Chateau.
148. Triage Lavoir portfolio Coal washing facility undergoing refurbishment becomes UrbanXs playground for the day! 147. Piscine Solvay portfolio The last time UrbanX visited here he got was caught with 30 seconds of entering the site. Now he's back to settle the score...
146. Picine Mai portfolio Swimming Pool with a funky domed roof! 145. Mr Toads Courthouse portfolio Apparently this was the court that inspired the courtroom in Wind in The Willows. Couldn’t tell you - I’ve never read it.
144. Harwich Beacon Fort portfolio UrbanX takes the new GoPro Hero 3 head cam for a spin round the old fort. 143. Hill House portfolio House on a hill. Trashed, but not damaged - a lot of memories left behind.
142. Windrush Hotel portfolio The hotel that was never finished. With an escaped Cat. A prisoner on the run nearby, this was going to be a fun one. 141. Gloucester Docks portfolio Gloucester Tourist board often boasts about the historic quais - UrbanX decides to look a little further.
140. Sanatorium Diablo portfolio We take a 600Km spike out of our way to visit this 'mint' hospital. 139. Villa Walfahrt portfolio This is one of them "wow, I can't believe places like this still exist" explores...
138. Traction Sud portfolio Abandoned Military Graveyard 137. Schott Tannery portfolio Old abandoned tannery...maybe not entirely abandoned?
136. Maison Alpiceur portfolio Abandoned home of an eccentric electrical engineer. 135. Farmhouse Fein portfolio Just a small abandoned farmstead. The sign outside declares that the resident is inside, dare we go in?
134. Powerstation Petit Maison portfolio On a roll, here's another cooling tower! 133. Powerstation IM portfolio An abandoned powerstation in Europe. On a whistlestop tour UrbanX visits the cooling towers.
132. Charbonnages H portfolio Old mine from 1884, closed in 1976. 131. Eylenbosch Brewery Revisit portfolio UrbanX revisits this site in the Summer to discover all the bits he missed in the snow!
130. Chateau Champagne portfolio Could an urban legend of a abandoned Chateau in the woods stocked full of wine be true?
UrbanX goes to find out...
129. Chapel Anciens portfolio Busted in a beautiful old hospital / chapel
128. Kaserne E (Jag Barracks) portfolio Only a few hours left until I have to catch a flight from Berlin, still time to explore this massive barracks! 127. Powerstation B portfolio Iconic Powerstation on the banks of the Thames in central London - lets go climbing!
126. 1936 Nazi Olympic Village portfolio Site of the the massive propaganda campaign by the Nazis still exists in a village in East Berlin. 125. Banhof E portfolio Derelict railway yard and half roundhouse - Germany
124. Tapioca Farm portfolio A humble farmhouse just walked out of. Out of date food in the fridge, teapot on the side, live ammunition on the table... 123.Grande Moulin De Paris portfolio A leviathan of a gothic mill in Europe. It has claimed the lives of seven people since its been derelict, so lets have a careful climb up to the top...
122. Maison Trees portfolio Abandoned house in the woods. 121. Villa Hector portfolio With the owner VERY recently deceased it's just been left exactly as it was. A sad glimpse into an extinguished life, with a twist at the end.
120. L'ecole Laberinthe portfolio A beautiful, yet massive school, in Belgium undergoing restoration. UrbanX dodges the builders to sneak in and take some photos... 119. HSH Hospital portfolio Abandoned hospital in Belgium, still full of beds, wheelchairs,x-rays, paperwork and lots of needles.
118. Hof Van B portfolio A boring office block, with the most unexpected staircase! 117. Eylenbosch Brewery portfolio Someone recently went through the first floor, killing themselves instantly. UrbanX takes a climb to the 7th floor to take in the view.
116. St. Hilarius Monastry portfolio With the lights on, and toilets flushing this was going to be a fun one... 115. Hammill Brickworks portfolio Abandoned brickworks, Kent.
114. How to steal a Boeing 747 portfolio UrbanX is an urban explorer. He gets to places he shouldn't be to photograph them. Today will be the cockpit of a 747-200 parked up at a live airport. 113. Snowdown Colliery portfolio I visit the administrative centre of this busy coal mine.
112. Westbrook Preparatory School portfolio Beautiful Victorian school, about to be demolished. We managed to arouse the suspicions of the local constabulary just taking photos of the place. 111. Royal Masonic School for Boys portfolio An beautiful old grammar school for the sons of the most predominant freemasons.
110 City Deep Shelter - UK portfolio We try our most audacious access yet, closing off a portion of city centre to descend 40m below the surface... 109. Chateau Des Singes - Revisited portfolio It's only been a couple of months, but how things have changed...
108. Chateau Lumiere portfolio A whole weekend of driving for this one gem. Totally worth it. 107. Atelier Decor portfolio An eccentric old potters cottage / workshop in Belgium
106. Chambre Du Commerce - Belgium portfolio Stunning Gothic building. Just breathtaking. 105. Calais Crown Court portfolio A daring inpromptu climb in the middle of the night while passing through.
...Coming Soon
104. Guy Fawkes Rooftopping portfolio UrbanX attempts to scale a building in Westminster on Guy Fawkes night...
He failed. Only just. But managed to get on some other rooftops to watch some fireworks.
103. Bear Brewery - Berlin portfolio "Couldn't organise an explore in a brewery" - actually we did!
102. Airbase F - Germany portfolio Abandoned Soviet Airfield & Barracks in Germany. 101. Hobbits Factory - Germany portfolio Giant factory, with a hobbit feel...
100. Kasane Krampnitz portfolio Massive barracks, owned by the Germans for WW2, then the Russians for the Cold War... 99. Sanatorium J - Germany portfolio Beautiful Sanatorium rotting away in Germany
98. Sanatorium K - Germany portfolio Sanatorium offering stunning views, and fun climbs... 97. Sanatorium Sud - Germany portfolio Beautiful old sanatorium rotting away in the German countryside
96. Sanatorium F - Germany portfolio Hospital / Hostel in Germany 95. Beelitz Heilstatten - Germany portfolio Massive Sanatorium, once housed Adolf Hitler...
94. Rooftopping Stevenage portfolio Stevenage always looks better in the dark, so UrbanX takes a midnight climb up to the roofs. 93. Chateau des Singes portfolio Another beautiful chateau deep in France, just walked out of...
92. Severalls Asylum - 5 years on portfolio It's been half a decade, time to pay the ol' girl a visit 91. Sanatorium F - France portfolio Shell of an abandoned sanitorium deep in the forests of France
90. 30th Birthday Party in Chernobyl portfolio Any guesses where UrbanX celebrated his 30th birthday? 89. Lillesden School for Girls portfolio Beautiful gothic school
88. Châteaux Joueur de Guitare Blond - Belgium portfolio Beautiful Manor, just asat by the side of the road. 87. Crystallerie - Belgium portfolio The explore that nearly didn't happen! Beautiful crystal factory, just walked out of.
86. Chateaux Chat Noir portfolio Beautiful Belgium Manor House: 85. Chateau Miranda - Belgium portfolio UrbanX takes on a bautiful Chateau, and the most daring free climb up the outside of he building.
84. St. Johns Asylum portfolio One of the big ones. New CCTV system, and security patrols: But I still out-vexed them to explore this beautiful old place. 83. Rauceby Asylum portfolio Asylum in Lincolnshire. Abandoned, and stripped.
82. Bass Maltings Tower Climb portfolio Old maltings, the buildigs got boring, so I climbed the 200ft tower instead! 81. Teddy Bear Nursery portfolio Extremely recently abandoned nursery.
80. Nocton Hall portfolio Yet another beautiful manor house crumbing away in the Lincolnshire countryside. 79. Club F portfolio UrbanX loves a dance, so found himself a recently abandoned nightclub.
78. Avon UK Head Quarters portfolio "Avon Calling" Disused warehouse, attached to the live office. With 1,000 workers on site, UrbanX strolls in... 77. Welding School portfolio Just a singular space, but beautiful light.
76. L&H Polymers portfolio Trashed plastics factory. Security sat on front gate. So we just tip-toed around him to explore the site. 75. 'O' Manor portfolio Beautiful manor going to ruin following a fire in 2001
74. Ipswich County Court portfolio Recently abandonned under the government scheme to reduce the number of courts. Gotta be worth a climb hasn't it? 73. Oilite Bearings, Ipswich portfolio Derelict factory cum Drugs den.
72. Saffron Warehouses portfolio Derelict warehouses. Nice Light. 50ft Cock. 71. That Crooked House portfolio Looks like a normal tumbledown derelict cottage, but inside is a time capsule from a century ago.
70. Ukrainian Military Weapons Store portfolio Spotted on a Google map in the Crimea, had to go for a mooch... Unfinished HQ for the Soviet nuclear fleet.
High up in the Crimean mountains, now owned and run by the Russian Mafia.
Visited by UrbanX in 2010, he decideds to re-visit
68. Crimea Nuclear Power Plant portfolio 1,955km from Chernobyl, UrbanX starts trekking across the Ukraine, not sure if it would still even be there... 67. MoD Electrical Component Storage Facility portfolio Amazing cache of all the MoD electronic components...
65. Site 'M' Live Radio Telescopes portfolio Infiltration of a live Radio Telescope site 64. RAF Thurleigh portfolio 14,000 Scrap cars from the government scrapage scheme, and some peely paint!
63. Box Mine - Wiltshire portfolio 90Km of crumbling tunnels under Wiltshire you say? See you there! 62. Exploring with the BBC portfolio UrbanX goes exploring with a BBC crew from Radio 4...
61. Woolich Co-Operative portfolio Trashed, and occupied by squatters.
See you in there.
60. Millenium Mills portfolio Rooftopping in the middle of the night:
Filming location for Life on Mars, Countless music videos.
59. Harold Wood Mortuary portfolio In ur fridgez, and on ur slabz 58. Corah - Santa Rooftopping portfolio Re-visit to Corah works, to rooftop the place...dressed as Santa Claus...
57. Hansons Brewery portfolio "Couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery" - so how about an explore instead? 56. Mitchell Grieves Needle Factory portfolio Factory producing needles for the Corah Hoisery Factory. Demolition crew on site...
55. Dachau Concentration Camp - Germany portfolio The original Nazi concentration camp, now laying semi-derelict 54. St. Pancras Hotel portfolio UrbanX infiltrates Londons most expensive hotel, with the Royal suite costing a cool £10k per night.
53. Swithland Underground Pumping Station portfolio Under the lawn of a beautiful period mansion lies the pumping station to the near by reservoir. 52. Corah Works, Leicester portfolio Semi Live Clothing manufacturer
51. Shoe Factory Leicester portfolio Beautiful listed shoe factory from 1891 50. Dover redoubt portfolio Network of military tunnels under the city of Dover...
49. Underground Oil Storage facility portfolio Underground oil storage facility - Dover 48. Royal Victoria Hospital - Kent portfolio Beautiful hospital bBuilt in 1846, recently walked out of...although still semi-live.
47. St. Martins Deep Shelter portfolio It's a...erm...deep shelter... 46. Kingsmoor House portfolio Beautiful large house, in a mixture of styles, absolutely stunning interiors.
45. Ongar Train Station portfolio Privately owned railway station, and some old trains... 44. Redoubt Revisit portfolio I was passing the London Defence Scheme, so would be rude not to pop in again....
43. Cold Christmas Church portfolio Reputedly the most haunted church in Britain, but more importantly derelict. 42. North Weald Redoubt portfolio London Defence Scheme - Main Armoury...
41. Birch House portfolio A house with "Derelict House For Sale" out the front, who could resist? 40. Bessingham Manor portfolio Period home on the market for £2m. UrbanX dodges the estate agents to have a look inside...
39. Nortel Telecommunications - Rooftopping portfolio Part live. Still a lot of active security.
UrbanX outruns them to make his was onto the roof...
38. Nortel Telecommunications - infiltration portfolio Part derelict, part live....
37. Car Graveyard portfolio Where vintage cars go to die 36. Ebridge Mill, Norfolk portfolio A five storey climb up the side of a 180 year old mill in Norfolk.
35. Litte Plumstead Asylum portfolio Beautiful Norfolk Asylum,
History & Externals
34. St. Crispins Asylum portfolio Derelict Asylum in Northampton, currently undergoing conversion. Turns out we were not alone in there...
33. Tresham College portfolio College in Kettering - one day 8,500 students walked out... 32. Seed Laboratory, Cambridgeshire portfolio Weekend retreat for Cambridgeshire pigeons
31. Huntingdon Drug Rehab portfolio Infiltration to a mint condition rehab. 30. Hethersett Railway Station portfolio Has been waiting 44 years for a train
29. Rougham Hall portfolio Beautiful Suffolk Manor House - bombed during WW2 28. St. Andrews Lunatic Asylum portfolio Semi Live - Medium Secure Unit
27. Orford Ness - Atomic Weapons Research Establishment portfolio Atomic Weapons Research Establishment off the coast of Suffolk 26. Leper Chapel - Cambridge portfolio Cambridges oldest building.
25. Thrapston Railway Manor portfolio Manor House, and former Railway yard. 24. Ditchingham Mill portfolio "Death trap" in Norfolk
23. Recycling Facility - Fordham portfolio Recycling Facility, and associated houses / offices. 22. St. Ivo Poultry Farm portfolio Massive Poultry farm & associated houses & offices.
21. Blackwood Asylum / The Devils Chair.... portfolio One Asylum,
One Murderous, possessed chair...

...Where else would UrbanX get married?
20. Larkfields Mansion portfolio Shooting a Music Video at a recently abandonned Manor House
19. RAF Wyton portfolio Nuclear Bomb Stores and Top Secret Photographic Department
Ststus: Semi-live
18. RAF Ventnor (Isle of Wight) portfolio WWII Radar Station on the Isle of Wight
17. Studlands Estate portfolio 1,001 Abandonned homes 16. Cotes Cottage portfolio Summer shots vs Winter shots
15. Amoy Sauces portfolio When they left, they left the door open... 14. British Sugar - Ipswich portfolio Mission: To climb to the top of the silo
Outcome: Caught and detained
13. Meeting The Squatters portfolio Documentary.
Spending time occupying an art-deco cinema in the centre of Cambridge.
12. RAF West Raynham portfolio Missile Training Facility - North Norfolk.
Outcome: Caught and detained
11. Government Animal Testing Facility portfolio Animal Testing Facility - Huntingdon
Avian, poultry, and mammal subjects
Outcome: Caught and detained
10. Whitefields Mansion portfolio A beautiful Jacobean mansion, burnt to the ground by it's eccentric millionaire owner!
09. Holland House Stables portfolio Derelict Houses and stables in historic Newmarket 08. Drain Hacking 1 portfolio Let me show you the world that exists beneath your feet
07. Object 221 portfolio Soviet Black Sea Nuclear Fleet HQ
Now Russian Mafia owned and run tunnel system
Southern Ukraine
06. Pervomais'k Missile Silo - Ukraine portfolio Two 40m deep Nuclear missiles, that could have ended civilisation
05. Balaklava Tunnels - Ukraine portfolio Nuclear Submarine base, and off-limits military tunnels deep under the Ukraine 04. Night train to Balaklava portfolio Not an Urbex report, but transport adventure between them
03. Pripyat 2010 portfolio A trip to the most radioactive place on earth... 02. RAF Upwood portfolio If I said we jumped the fence then got INTO the tanks, would you believe me?
01. Severalls Lunatic Asylum portfolio Edwardian Lunatic Asylum.
1,800 Patients...
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