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A lot of people ask me about which company I use to get into Chernobyl. I spent the first seven days directly through a government guide, but I booked my last 4 day trip with CHERNOBYLwel.come and I saw as much in 4 days as I did the previous seven days!

I have spent 5 years exploring the most radioactive area on Earth - Pripyat, Chernobyl and the militarized exclusion zone. So far I have explored and documented over half of the citys buildings, and driven every single street.
I have immersed myself in zone life; eating, drinking, and sleeping with the guards, as well as meeting the resettlers in the red forest.
Here's my story:

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5 Years in Chernobyl portfolio I've spent 5 years exploring the exclusion zone now. This is summary of the last trip, but has been built up over 5 years. Info: Security / Administration to entry portfolio This section explains the actual logistics of gaining entry to the most radioactive place on earth.
Info: Chernobyl Checkpoints portfolio There are 3 stages of military checkpoints around Pripyat. One at 30Km, one at 10Km, and one to the city itself. This section documents the radiation scans, document checks, and procedures that go with them. Info: Radiation levels in The Zone portfolio Against the wishes of the Ukrainian government - UrbanX reveals the truth about radiation levels in the 30Km exclusion zoneā€¦
Info: Sleeping in Chernobyl portfolio Most people that have been to the zone have been on a day trip. Others have slept out the zone. This section documents what its like to sleep actually in Chernobyl itself. Info: Eating in the zone portfolio One reasons I prefer to live in the zone instead of day-tripping there is the food! Whether it's a workers cafe in Chernobyl, or in the eating with the workers in the canteen of Reactor 4 (yes it's still open) you'll never go hungry in the zone.
Info: Shopping in Chernobyl portfolio There's a report name I never thought I'd write! Believe it or not there are three shops in Chernobyl to cater for zone workers. Info: Wildlife / Animals of the zone portfolio Since the zone is almost devoid of human life, animal life has flourished.
60. Chernobyl Life portfolio A summary report really, just about spending an extended amount of time in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Drinking with guards, etc. 59. Meeting the Chernobyl Resettlers portfolio My number one priority for visiting the zone was to meet some of these remarkable people who have resettled back in the zone of exclusion.
58. Parishev Firefighters Vehicles. portfolio For a small bribe, they will let you play on some serious vehicles! 57. Stalkers Flat portfolio This is the flat where illigal visitors always stay. I wonder if they're in today?
56. Jupiter Vehicle Graveyard portfolio A vehicle Graveyard...near the Jupiter Plant 55. Kindergarten 13 portfolio One of Pripyats largest Kindergartens.
54. Pripyat Police Station portfolio Despite it being a near-utopia, Pripyat had a small amount of crime, mainly just drunkeness. 53. Rooftopping Pripyat portfolio Mainly alone, mainly naked.
52. Red Forest Vehicle Graveyard portfolio Hidden in the Red Forest is a sparse vehicle graveyard. Readings up to 114mSv. 51. Furniture Shop & Appliance Shop portfolio The Ikea of Pripyat
50. Houseboat portfolio I've always seen this from afar but never bothered to visit. With some spare time I was straight on it! 49. Hospital #126 Revisit portfolio I normally just update pages, but I found so much more to this hospital!
48. Cherevach Town Hall & Shop portfolio Not much left of this abandoned village in the woods. The town hall, and a shop from 'Call of Duty' remain. 47. School #1 portfolio Nothing remarkable about this school. But it was the first building in Pripyat to collapse.
46. Chernobyl Zoo portfolio No, I didn't know this existed either! 45. Duga portfolio Massive 'over the horizon' radar, nearly 1Km long and taller than St. Pauls? That needs climbing...
44. Chernobyl-2 Town portfolio A small town was constructed in secret for the workers of Duga. 43. Duga Garages portfolio As Duga was a Top Secret location, all of it's vehicles had to be stored and maintained in secret, here.
42. Pripyat Post Office portfolio Pripyats Post Office / Communications Centre 41. Pripyat Restaurant portfolio Pripyat was a prosperous town, with extensive leisure facilities. This was the main restaurant on the central square.
40. Chernobyl Synagogue portfolio Until recently I never knew that there were 5 synagogues in the exclusion zone. I visit one in the centre of Chernobyl. 39. Kopachi Kindergarten portfolio I've explored almost all of the Pripyat Kindergartens, so I head to the villages to see how they differ.
38. UrbanX 30th Birthday portfolio Any guesses where UrbanX chose to celebrate his 30th birthday? 37. Meeting The Chernobyl Resettlers portfolio Deep inside the highly radioactive Red Forest UrbanX meets the people who have resettled within the exclusion zone.
36. Catfish / Boats / Cooling Lakes portfolio Did you know giant catfish now live in the highly toxic cooling lakes of the reactor? I take some bait and head down there... 35. Chernobyl Church portfolio The only functioning church in the zone. St. Elias Church in Chernobyl itself. I'm lucky enough to be invited in for an orthodox ceremony.
34. Chernobyl Fire Station portfolio Active Fire station and monument to the firefighters 33. Pripyat High School portfolio Former high school of Pripyat.
32. Travelling around Pripyat portfolio Whether you drive or walk, theres still a lot to see between the city's main sites. This section documents the streets of Pripyat in general. 31. Shots from around Chernobyl portfolio This section documents the strange buildings and vehicles to be seen around the zone, as well as seeing what its like to rally through the most contaminated part of the 'Red Forest'
30. Pripyat Kindergarten portfolio The most emotional explore ever. 29. Rooftopping Pripyat portfolio The best way to cure a Chernobyl hangover?
An early morning 16 Storey climb.
28. Chernobyl Reactor 5 portfolio UrbanX gets inside this unfinished nuclear reactor 27. Pripyat Laboratory (former Kindergarten) portfolio Kindergarten converted to radioactive samples laboratory after the disaster
26. Pripyat Palace of Culture portfolio The discovery of a never before seen shooting range, then to the rooftop! 25. Chernobyl Military Vehicles portfolio A church service in Chernobyl, with an added snoop around radioactive, decaying military vehicles
24. Pripyat Fire Station portfolio Used before, during, and after the disaster 23. Yaniv Train Station - Pripyat portfolio Abandonned Railway station, 1Km south of Pripyat
22. Lakeside Cafe - Pripyat portfolio One of Pripyats many leisure facilities, set by the beautiful radioactive lake. 21. Pripyat Scrapyard portfolio Where radioactive Soviet vehicles go to die
20. Prometheus Cinema portfolio Pripyat's Cinema 19. Pripyat City Park portfolio A solo walk from Lenin Square to the stadium through the city park (not the fairground)
18. Pripyat Music School portfolio The next building along on the walk to Lenin Square 17. Pripyat Stadium portfolio Completely alone in Pripyat Stadium
16. High School #5 portfolio High School just behind the Stadium 15. Jupiter Plant portfolio Pripyats mysterious and secret factory
14. The Second Pripyat Sign... portfolio We all know the iconic Pripyat sign, but who knows about the second one... 13. Hospital #126 portfolio Pripyats Hospital:
12. Pripyat Bus station portfolio Just outside the city boundary, and not previously reported, so thought I'd take a drive out there. 11. Dancing Hall portfolio A popular place for Pripyat teens to dance, or just hang out.
10. Kindergarten #3 portfolio I explore another of Pripyats Kindergartens 09. Reactor 4 Robots portfolio Meeting the robots that worked on the roof of Reactor 4 during the clean up.
08. Supermarket Strumok portfolio Dairy shop on Pripyats Lenin Avenue. 07. The Bridge of Death portfolio On the night of the explosion, residents made their way to the bridge to watch coloured flames dance from the reactor. Little did they know they were receiving fatal doses of radiation.
06. Pripyat Swimming Pool portfolio Another tourist hotspot, but definitely worth seeing. 05. Pripyat Fairground portfolio I feel aggrieved to even do a report on this as it's so touristy! But in the interests of completeness here's the most iconic Pripyat landmark.
04. Hotel Polissya portfolio Hotel in the heart of Pripyat for delegates visiting the plant. 03. Pripyat Sign portfolio A few photos of the sign in different seasons, with different people. Oh and a comparison to the prop used in 'Chernobyl Diaries'
02a - 2016 New Safe Confienment portfolio The new safe confinement structure being slid over the existing damaged Reactor 4 sarcophagus. 02. Reactor 4 portfolio It still amazes me that people are allowed within 100m of this beast - which is responsible for killing 1m people...
01. Pripyat / Chernobyl 2010 portfolio 2010: My first life changing trip to the most radioactive place on Earth... Crimea Nuclear Power Plant portfolio 1,955Km away from Chernobyl. Not sure if it'd even still be there UrbanX starts trekking across Ukraine.
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