UrbanX is a UK based urban explorer. Recent projects range from crawling through the drainage system beneath his city, to living with anarchist squatters, to living in Chernobyl with the workers and guards. He even recently accessed the cockpit of a 747 at a live airport. Landmarks ranging from Dachau concentration camp, to Tower Bridge and Battersea Power Station have also recently been explored. This website is updated every five days, so keep an eye on the news feed for updates!

He was asked to voice his own BBC Radio 4 Show which you can listen to here: UrbanX on BBC Radio 4

He is the founder of the ‘Dereliction Addiction’ Urbex video series, which can be found here: www.urbanxphotography.co.uk/videos

He also moderates the popular urbex forum www.derelictplaces.co.uk

In 2010 he applied to the Ukrainian Governments Interinform Agency to acquire permission to visit, and photograph the most radioactive place on Earth: The abandoned city of Pripyat, and Chernobyl Reactor-4. The documentaries can be found here,

One year on he wanted more, much more. So set about convincing the Ukrainian government to let him stay in Chernobyl for an extended period of time. Longer than even the Chernobyl workers are permitted. He was granted full access, which meant actually sleeping, eating, and a lot of drinking with the Chernobyl workers & guards…in Chernobyl itself.

A year on, he done the same again….twice.

Please browse the galleries below to see your mundane world in a different light.


I'm still alive!
23rd May 2017
Thank you for some recent messages asking if I'm OK and still running this site. Yes, I'm here, I'm fine, I'm still exploring. It has slowed down a lot this year: The arrival of a mini-UrbanX, and taking on a second job to support my family has reduced my exploring (and research) time. I am still at it, but am push to publish reports as regularly.

Watch this space...

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Merry Xmas!
25th December 2016
Merry Christmas to my fellow explorers! My your torches be bright, your hipflasks full, your memory cards ready, and remember.... security have today off too...
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Urban Exploration Reports Urban Exploration Reports
This is the largest section of the website.
Urban Exploration: The documantation of 'off limits' areas. Including Military Facilities, Lunatic Asylums, drainage systems, etc.
Urban Exploration Videos Urban Exploration Videos
UrbanX's UE Documentary series "Dereliction Addiction"
Pripyat / Chernobyl Pripyat / Chernobyl
I have spent 5 years exploring the most radioactive area on Earth - Pripyat, Chernobyl and the militarized exclusion zone. So far I have explored and documented over half of the citys buildings, and driven every single street.
I have immersed myself in zone life; eating, drinking, and sleeping with the guards, as well as meeting the resettlers in the red forest. Here's my story:
Media Whore Media Whore
A few recent press clippings...